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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hans Jürgen Syberberg and I

A few weeks ago I was invited by Per-Erik Skramstad, the webmaster of Wagneropera.net, to submit my choices for favorite important and influential recordings, in CD and DVD's, of Richard Wagner's operas. I have just read his article, and little did I realize that I was going to be in such prestigious company. Click here in order to see my choices, as well as the choices of some of my fellow Wagnerites, who include filmmaker Hans Jürgen Syberberg, author Penelope Turing, the Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Opera, Kasper Bech Holten, baritone Detlef Roth, and many others. Enjoy!


Blogger Marcos Nardon said...

Dear Mr. Vargas
Congratulations on your beautiful work!
Have you heard about a Ring production at Manaus Theater, n BRazil, in the very hearth os Amazon Forest?
It was held on May 2005 and the result was magnificent (at least for my perception). I was in Bayreuth two times, 1989 and 1994 (Levine's Ring)and I could tell you that, if the productions are obvoiusly not comparabel, Manaus' Ring left a powerful impression. Of course, I'm a little bit proud of ne rpoduction at the middle of a poor city in the Amazon Forest, in a small theater (harps and percussion were placed in two boxes, harps at left, percussion at right).
If you are curious, I'm triyng to gather my material and could post it in my blog:
Best regards and a marvelous New Year!
Marcos Nardon

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Vincent,
Congrats on your inclusion in the wagneropera.net survey! Your comments and choices were wonderful (in fact I think you outdid quite of few of your esteemed colleges!)

Good luck in 09 hope it finds you happy healthy and fulfilled!

Love, love, love your blog.
Peter Danish

2:57 PM  

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