Monday, June 01, 2020

The Protests Paradox

The picture above tells it all. A cop using violence on a man on his knees who seems to be praying, while the cop's partner, next to him, just looks on. Sound familiar? Protests, ignited by the killing of an African American citizen as a result of police violence, are being met by more police violence. Not all protestors are angels, especially when nighttime comes and the protests morph into dangerous exercises in arson, looting and all-around lawlessness destroying many times mom-and-pop shops that are the heartbeat of a community. Yes, not all protestors are angels, but neither are all cops.  Peaceful protests should be met by peaceful patrolling. Last night, even some police officers joined the protestors. They were not breaking ranks, these gentlemen came to the realization that the corps to which they belong needs to be re-examined, and they wanted to show the world that, despite their uniforms, their hearts are listening to the ones protesting on the other side of the line.

However, if groups of anarchists and dangerous knuckleheads, who just want to take advantage of the situation, loot for their own gain, or commit other acts of lawlessness, then the police must...MUST be strong with them.  Strong, yes, but they must be fair with them as well. Take these hoodlums under arrest and save the streets from the anarchy that we have seen in the past week. 

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