Friday, September 21, 2007

"Equus" with Daniel Radcliffe coming to Broadway

The New York Daily News reported recently that Daniel Radcliffe, better known to movie goers as Harry Potter, will be coming to Broadway in the play Equus, the role with which he made his debut in London's West End this past Spring.

After seeing the play at the John Gielgud Theater last April, something tells me that this will become the hottest ticket on Broadway, and that it will be an unprecedented theater event. Meaning that people will do anything to catch Mr. Radcliffe's performance as the disturbed boy who blinds a stable of horses.

My sources tell me that his London co-star, Richard Griffiths, who plays the psychiatrist who is treating Radcliffe's character, may not be coming to New York. Two seasons ago, Griffiths won the Tony Award for his amazing performance in The History Boys. If Mr. Griffiths is not going to be making the trip to America, then I vote for Alan Rickman to be his co-star. Rickman would be an amazing foil, although I also recognize that this might be too much of a "Potter-casting" overload. Still, the animosity that has been building up in the Harry Potter movies between the two characters that Radcliffe and Rickman play would be ideal for these two great roles in Equus. We shall see. In the meanwhile, here is the article from the New York Daily News:

"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe hopes to work his magic on Broadway next year in a reprise of his clothes-doffing performance in "Equus."

The 18-year-old won raves for his performance as a tortured teenager during an eight-week run of Peter Shaffer's psychological thriller in London earlier this year. But the teen who brought wizard-in-training Potter to life on screen called the prospect of acting in New York terrifying.

"It will be amazing, but I will be terrified because I was talking to Richard Griffiths about playing New York and he said the most stupid thing you can do is underestimate New York audiences," Radcliffe said.

Griffiths appeared with Radcliffe in "Equus" and plays Uncle Vernon in the "Potter" flicks.

Radcliffe said "Equus" could open late next year in New York.

Media hype over Radcliffe's nude scene sparked more than $4 million in advance ticket sales in London.


Anonymous said...

I hate plays......I went to several plays and slept through out each one of them, never bought a ticket, but this one I'll pay any amount just to see Daniel nude!!

Anonymous said...

With all the hype about the nudity, there are any number of websites where one can obtain photos of Dan in the buff, seen at a closer distance than in real life. Let's leave the seats in the theater to those who are truly interested in experiencing an intense, emotional and well-performed play.