Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calixto Bieito's PARSIFAL in Stuttgart

Calixto Bieito's controversial 2010 staging of Richard Wagner's Parsifal is back at the Staatsoper in Stuttgart, Germany. This staging, by the notorious Spanish director, brings to mind Mel Gibson's apocalyptic Mad Max films, but it is actually inspired by another greater apocalyptic work: Cormac McCarthy's memorable novel The Road.

The remaining performances of this production at the Staatsoper this year are on March 26th, and April 3rd. Below is a short documentary which shows plenty of scenes from the production, as well as commentary from director Calixto Beito. It definitely gives you an idea of what this unique staging is all about.

And here is a nine minute video with extended scenes from this production:

Does anybody know if this production has been filmed for DVD and Blu-Ray release in Europe and/or America?

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Bad Catholic said...

Call me a traditionalist (and I guess I am) but this staging looks really awful.

P.S.: Great Blog!