Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Official Demise of the Juilliard Choral Union

Last week, the members of The Juilliard Choral Union received an e-mail in the form of a .pdf file from Joseph W. Polisi, president of The Juilliard School. In the e-mail he details the reasons why the ensemble is not in the school's future plans. It is the end of an era, and I am very happy that I was a part of it. Below you will find the text of President Polisi's letter. The bold print is my own.

March 4, 2008

To the Members of the Juilliard Choral Union:

When I advised you last June that the activities of the Juilliard Choral Union would be suspended during the 2007–2008 academic year, I also indicated that my colleagues and I would evaluate the future course of action regarding choral activities at the School.

We have now concluded our review of this issue, and it has been our decision to discontinue permanently the activities of the Choral Union. I am sure that this decision is a disappointment to some of you. However, logistical, financial, and artistic considerations pointed strongly in favor of this decision.

The discontinuance of the Juilliard Choral Union does not, of course, diminish the extraordinary artistic accomplishments that you have achieved in the past under the direction of Judith Clurman.

Please accept my gratitude for your dedicated artistry. I wish you the very best in your future musical endeavors.

Joseph W. Polisi

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